Every ball these days is a curve ball. You’d think I would learn to prepare for it, but somehow, it always takes me by surprise.

Because of a wonderful offer by an amazing agent intern, my goals almost struck out. But I will report what I have done and then you can all judge me accordingly.



1) Write 20,000 words on RFA

Wrote 5000+

2) Blog 4 times

This will be my third post, so not all-together bad.

3) Read 4 books, one on the writing craft

Still slogging through Book 1 of A Game of Thrones,  by George R. R. Martin and On Writing, by Stephen King.

4) Do not think negatively about the queries I sent in February

I haven’t had time to think about them at all.

5) Participate in Pitch Madness: Clue Edition (I’m scared to do this, but the agents are amazing!)

Yes. Rejected.

I also revised the first third of my TPR MS to improve my submission chances based on the amazing critique by Agent Intern Anon. of my first 5 chapters. I am working as hard and fast as I can to get it even more perfect.

Thanks so much for all of your #WriteMotivation support! Maybe someday we can have a conference and cater a bakery to make us cookies that look like books and words. And I want the waiters to dress up like dinosaurs.


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  1. game of thrones books count as like three they are so long. i read three of them last year. hooray for rejection! at least you are brave enough to take a chance. i met a woman at a conference this weekend who has never ever submitted and she’s been doing this a long time. don’t be that person. be brave! revising is good. keep up the great work and yay for cheering dinos.

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