As a writer, editor, and agent intern, I understand how hard it is to get someone to look at your work. I hope that in some small way, I’ve brought hope and joy by giving back to the community that supports me.

I could only pick one winner but there is always the offer of a free synopsis and first ten pages assessment given by Michele Rubin. She’s my boss, a brilliant lady, and is the Chief editor of Cornerstones US, was an agent for Writers House for twenty-five years, and will give you some really good feedback as to what you could do to help those first ten pages shine. Just see the link below.

And the winner is . . . 


Abby Cavenaugh

I’m a writer who loves romance, ghost stories & mochas. Marvel, Star Wars, LOTR & Harry Potter fangirl

If you’re interested in the ten page assessment, please SUBMIT YOUR MATERIALS HERE

The advice you can receive from seasoned professionals is invaluable!

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