It is her birthday, 101 years today. This is the Julia Child I remember.


She said something as a cook that I can relate to as an author:

I was 32 when I started cooking; up until then, I just ate.

And I echo her statement. I was 34 when I started writing novels; up until then, I just read. I’ve never appreciated the written word more than now, after I’ve written several novels, rewritten, edited, cried, fought, torn them up, and then started over with a blank page. There have also been the times when I read what I wrote and then reread it because it sounded so good to me, I couldn’t believe it was mine.  I doubt many people appreciated food as much as Julia Child did. Hopefully, someday, I might attain a fragment of her talent and accomplishments.

#WriteMotivation Update

1) Finish 100% my final edit of THE PANDORA REVERSAL: SHIFTER.

On page 183 of 324. Kids are back in school, and I’m going strong. I can make it.

2) Blog once a week.

So far, I’ve done this.

3) Go visit at least 5 other blogs per week.

Done this, and I’ve loved hearing about all of you!

4) Submit PR:S to at least 5 agents.

Not yet. Giving my list to a writer friend who will give me the skinny on all the agents on my list.

5) Go on a date with my man.

Dinner at the Outback and a movie (Ironman 3). Lots of talking, kissing, etc. Woot!

6) Take my oldest kid to college. I’m so excited for her, and I know she’s ready to go. (But this is the one I dread most. *small tear*)

We’re packing, on track to fit in the car.

I feel good about things so far!


  1. Brilliant! I was, I guess, 40 when I remembered my dream! I also read an article about a 90 year old who published her first novel. It’s never too late!! <3

    Good on you with your goals and accomplishments!

  2. Good job on the final edit of PR:S! I know you can make it.
    I think you’re pretty talented at both cooking and writing.
    Happy Birthday to Julia Child, though I’m rather late.
    -Leaving for College

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