Happy Birthday Julia Child

Happy Birthday Julia Child

It is her birthday, 101 years today. This is the Julia Child I remember.


She said something as a cook that I can relate to as an author:

I was 32 when I started cooking; up until then, I just ate.

And I echo her statement. I was 34 when I started writing novels; up until then, I just read. I’ve never appreciated the written word more than now, after I’ve written several novels, rewritten, edited, cried, fought, torn them up, and then started over with a blank page. There have also been the times when I read what I wrote and then reread it because it sounded so good to me, I couldn’t believe it was mine.  I doubt many people appreciated food as much as Julia Child did. Hopefully, someday, I might attain a fragment of her talent and accomplishments.

#WriteMotivation Update

1) Finish 100% my final edit of THE PANDORA REVERSAL: SHIFTER.

On page 183 of 324. Kids are back in school, and I’m going strong. I can make it.

2) Blog once a week.

So far, I’ve done this.

3) Go visit at least 5 other blogs per week.

Done this, and I’ve loved hearing about all of you!

4) Submit PR:S to at least 5 agents.

Not yet. Giving my list to a writer friend who will give me the skinny on all the agents on my list.

5) Go on a date with my man.

Dinner at the Outback and a movie (Ironman 3). Lots of talking, kissing, etc. Woot!

6) Take my oldest kid to college. I’m so excited for her, and I know she’s ready to go. (But this is the one I dread most. *small tear*)

We’re packing, on track to fit in the car.

I feel good about things so far!

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  1. Jamie Dement (LadyJai)

    Brilliant! I was, I guess, 40 when I remembered my dream! I also read an article about a 90 year old who published her first novel. It’s never too late!! <3

    Good on you with your goals and accomplishments!

  2. heathercashman

    You don’t look old enough to be 40! I hope I’m not 90 when I first publish, but if it takes me that long, so be it. Thanks, Jai.

    1. Thanks! I’m now 44 (holding at 42, cuz it’s the best number in the universe!)…sometimes my body feels 90, but my brain is still 16 LOL

  3. Good job on the final edit of PR:S! I know you can make it.
    I think you’re pretty talented at both cooking and writing.
    Happy Birthday to Julia Child, though I’m rather late.
    -Leaving for College

    1. heathercashman

      Thank you for everything you do for me. XOXO

  4. You’re very talented at writing! Love this tribute and your thoughts. 🙂

    1. heathercashman

      Thanks! She was a remarkable person, and tall like me. Maybe that’s partly why I identify with her.

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