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The Count of Monte Cristo

“On what slender threads do life and fortune hang.”

marseille Beginning in Marseille, France, Edmond Dantes finds out how true this statement really is.

After 1243 pages, one would think I was glad this was over. But far from it, I found myself quite put out when Edmond and Haydee sailed off into the sunset.

I doubt I could say more than what has already been said by poets and scholars and general readers such as myself.

My favorite part of this story was the justice, the desire to become the best person you can be despite your circumstance, and the character progression of the naive Dantes to the vengeful Count of Monte Cristo to the finally peaceful Edmond. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

And for those of you who get confused, here is a guide that will help connect the dots. I found this on the internet and do not take any credit for it, but thought it was the best, most easy to follow diagram.

character connection the count of monte cristo


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