Monday blogging was too much to ask, so I am wrapping up the month today instead. Overall, making goals and adding things to my calendar in small pieces is working well. Breaking up the overwhelming things makes them appear less intimidating. So here it is.

1) Read one book every week, one of which is about how to improve my writing.

Read Writing Irresistable Kidlit, by Mary Kole and blogged about it.

Read The Christmas Sweater, by Glenn Beck and blogged about it.

Still half-way through The Alchemyst, by Michael Scott.

About 3/4 through Game of Thrones, Book 1, by George R. R. Martin. (This counts as at least one.)

2) Post on every member’s blog once per week.

Week 1: DONE

Week 2: DONE

I haven’t done this again. I get discouraged by people on #WriteMotivation who don’t reciprocate, and that got me a bit down. Sorry to those of you who actually have supported me. Your comments help more than you realize.

3) Send out 15 agent queries.


4) Do not get depressed when I am rejected.

Got two rejections within about 15 minutes of querying. Not sure how to take that. But not depressed.

5) Finish final edit of TPR.

Week 1: Chapter 18 of 32. I feel good about this.

Week 2: Chapter 26 of 32. Woot!


6) Outline all of TGM. Decide on POV and tense for TGM.

Week 1: Have to finish 5 first.

Week 2: No change.


But, hey, I did a lot this month. So I made myself molasses cookies. (My favorite.) Wish you were here to share them with me.


molasses cookies


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