August Goals and WriteMotivation

August Goals and WriteMotivation

When thinking about goals, I tend to look back on the things I didn’t do rather than focus on the things I did. I’m the one laying flat on my face being kicked when I’m down. What’s kicking my butt? Work, laundry (which I tried to avoid until I had no underwear left), moving, registering my kids for school (the school lost one of them and can’t seem to get him back), yadda, yadda, you know the drill. So I’m pulling myself back on my feet and changing my perspective. The people in WriteMotivation seem to be doing so much, blogging all the time, reading five books a month, and it makes me want to do more.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about the strikethrough. It’s like punching my goals into oblivion. I get to strike through all of the completed tasks and it gives me such a sense of what I’ve accomplished. So here’s to my next bout in the WriteMotivation ring.

1) Finish 100% my final edit of THE PANDORA REVERSAL: SHIFTER.

2) Blog once a week.

3) Go visit at least 5 other blogs per week.

4) Submit PR:S to at least 5 agents.

5) Go on a date with my man.

6) Take my oldest kid to college. I’m so excited for her, and I know she’s ready to go. (But this is the one I dread most. *small tear*)

Thanks to everyone who’s been so supportive. You make me better!

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  1. Jamie Dement (LadyJai)

    Good luck on those goals. Love the one about the date with your man!

    I dread the college thing with my son. He’s only 10 but these past ten years went by way too fast! So it’ll be tomorrow when he goes to college! Ugh!

    I’m not as fast on accomplishing my goals either. But don’t fret it. We will be here for you no matter what!


  2. Cheyenne Campbell

    Wow – so true. The very word “goals” makes my stomach hurt, reminding me of all the ones I’ve yet to reach, ones that’ve been festering for ages. That’s not how I should look at them, but I do.

    Reading 5 books a month!? I’m definitely not one of the ones doing that 🙂 I’ve been reading so slow these days but 2 trips to Barnes & Noble while I’m here in the U.S. (we don’t have them in the UK) have made me realise the slacking in this department ends NOW. Too many amazing stories out there I’m missing out on with my snail pace.

    You have my sympathy for #6 – that must be so, so difficult! Just another stage though, you’ll get through it! 🙂

    1. heathercashman

      Thanks for all the thoughts. It’s good to know there are people out there who can relate. Have fun with B&N!

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