Freelance Editorial Services

All editing services are for Adult, YA, and MG Fiction only.

All critiquing includes developmental editing as well as suggestions with Track Changes for word choice, grammar, dialogue, tagging, etc.

When my schedule permits, I would be honored and excited to critique your query, synopsis, pages, or complete novel. I was an editor with Cornerstones Literary Consultancy as well as a Pitch Wars Mentor for two years. I’ve helped agented authors prepare manuscripts for submission, as well as helped unagented authors land agents. Please see the details for each service below.

TIMING: The timing of how long the edits will take me depends heavily on the time of year, but normally two weeks for the submission package and reader reports, and 4-6 weeks for the whole novel edit.

CONTACT ME: There is a form at the bottom of the page if you’re interested in services or aren’t sure what would fit best for your manuscript and budget.

PAYMENT: I expect half the payment up front, the other half at time of delivery. I can take Paypal or Venmo.


Query Only Edit

As an agent intern and managing director for Pitch Wars, Pitch Madness, and #PitMad, I see many queries every week. If you’re having a difficult time getting requests for pages from agents, I can help you make your query better.

First Pass, $25

Every following pass, $12

Pitch/Logline Edits

These are so fun! Due to a lot of requests, I’m making this its own service. You can purchase bundles of ‘passes,’ meaning that every time I look and make suggestions to the pitch is one pass. Because of the nature of pitches, it often takes several tries to get it where you want it.

First pass $10, Every other pass $5 each

Submission Package: Query, Synopsis, and First Ten Page Edits

If you’re trying to get your whole package ready for submission, this is the way to go. The query and synopsis can be difficult, but I’ll help you make sure to get the turning points of your story included and get the first ten pages polished.

Format for query and synopsis: One page, 1″ margins on every side, 12-point Times New Roman, only in Word .doc or .docx. No paragraph indent, single-spaced, 6-8 pt. space between paragraphs, standard business letter. If your synopsis is more than one page, please leave it as is. We’ll work on getting it down to one page.

If you want different versions/lengths of synopsis for different agents, we can work out additional pricing for that as well.

Standard Manuscript Format: One page, 1″ margins on every side, 12-point Times New Roman, only in Word .doc or .docx. Double-spaced.

The critique will include analysis of hook, voice, character, plot, pacing, inciting incident, and any other developmental issues, as well as mark grammar, word choice, and the elements of style using Track Changes.

First Pass, $60

Every following pass, $30

Reader Report

This is the kind of report I would give the agent I work for after reading a manuscript. It analyzes Plot, Character, Pacing, Style, marketing issues, inconsistencies, and a general overview of why it isn’t quite working. Or why it is. This is a good way to go if you don’t want to pay for a whole novel edit but need to know why you might be getting those rejections. This report is usually 3+ pages long.

Cost: $0.005 per word

Whole Novel Edit

Format: Standard Manuscript Format with one page, 1″ margins on every side, 12-point Times New Roman, only in Word .doc or .docx. Double-spaced.

Query critique included.

This includes an editorial letter as well as Track Changes. The editorial letter will include analysis of hook, voice, character, plot, setting, tone, pacing, and other developmental issues, as well as style. Not guaranteed, but this letter is usually 8-12 pages long. Track Changes will show problems with grammar, word choice, and the elements of style.

Cost: $0.0075 per word

Page Edits

If you can’t commit to a whole novel edit, I’m willing to look at however many pages you would like to have edited. It’ll include notes on the pages as well as Track Changes.

Cost: $0.0075 per word


Reviews from clients . . .

Heather recently helped me tame my unruly query and convince my rambling pitches to restrain themselves to 140 characters or less. Her help landed me a query request from an agency I only dreamed about contacting. She worked a miracle with my mess under an unreasonably short timeline, and did so with a kind attitude and utter professionalism. I’m looking forward to working with her again, and recommend her highly to anyone needing exemplary editing services. -MacKeNzie Davis

Heather’s edits were amazing. She gave clear and insightful feedback with excellent, idea inspiring suggestions. I couldn’t wait to dive back into my manuscript the moment I read her notes. Her ability to hone in on what my synopsis needed and what I should cut was stellar. With Heather’s feedback, I was able to polish pages and work my synopsis into something I am proud to submit to an agent. If you are considering hiring Heather, do it! – Stacy Choi

“Heather is a writer’s dream editor: clear, thorough, and insightful. She understands what your book is trying to do, and can articulate exactly where intention falls short of reality. I found her suggestions for revision incredibly helpful and inspiring – the kind of ideas that make you excited to get back to work, even when it feels like you can’t possibly rewrite one more scene. I recommend her highly to writers at all stages of the game.” ~Amanda Sellet

“I recently hired Heather Cashman as my editor. Not only did I receive a great service, I ended up with so much more! Within days of having sent her my manuscript, Heather had already read through it several times and I could tell she was genuinely excited to work with it. A few weeks later, I was handed an extensive report that analyzed every aspect of my work from character profiles and overall theme to target audience and marketability. It was a lot more than what I expected and unquestionably the best value of any editing service I’ve purchased in a decade of writing. As an editor, Heather’s best quality is her positive and constructive approach that opened up new possibilities for my manuscript and empowered me to expand it in every direction. She identified strengths that could be further developed, provided practical suggestions to smooth out weaknesses, and ultimately showed me how to focus in on my target audience. I recommend Heather Cashman to anyone looking to attain submission quality and make their manuscript stand out in the crowd.” ~Kevin Villeneuve

Heather was one of my mentors, and she’s amazing! Even though she only read my first chapter, she identified two bad habits that infected the entire novel. With her feedback, I was able to make changes that strengthened not only my story but also my writing in general. You definitely want her editorial services!  -Jocelyn Rish


If you’re interested . . .

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