I’m now a Literary Agent with Storm Literary Agency!

About Storm…

Storm Literary is a boutique agency representing quality children’s literature. (I will be open to Adult literature exclusively at conferences.) If you want to find out more about Storm Literary Agency, you can go to their website here.


Thank You…

I’d like to offer an enormous thanks to my biggest advocate in the publishing world, Brenda Drake. She was not only my mentor, partner, and friend, she taught me so much about perseverance, believing in what you do, supporting the people you work with, and loving the words. I’m forever grateful to her.

I’d also like to thank Vicki Selvaggio and Essie White, the owners of Storm Literary, for believing in me and welcoming me into their agency family. I’m so excited to be working with them!

Also a big thanks to the writing community for being cheerleaders during all my writing and publishing endeavors. I love and appreciate you!


Submissions Info…

If you want to find out more about me and what I hope to get in my query inbox, please visit my website’s¬†AGENT INFORMATION & SUBMISSIONS INFO. page, Publisher’s Marketplace, and the Storm Literary Agency ‘About’ page. My #MSWL page is coming soon!

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